The Water Birth Option

The team at Arrivals pride ourselves on facilitating care that places the family’s preferences at the forefront. While the Arrivals obstetricians are there to care for women through the labour and birth of their baby regardless of the clinical circumstances, promoting a family’s choice enables more positive birthing experiences and is very important to us.

Throughout your pregnancy, you can discuss your birthing preferences with the obstetricians and midwives at Arrivals to allow you to feel confident in making informed decisions about your baby’s birth.

We know that no two families will share the same preferences in what is specifically important to them in welcoming their baby. We value that women and families should have choice. The fact that each family’s birth experience is special and unique is one of the things we love most about doing what we do.

Arrivals support all women, through all types of birth in a hospital setting. One thing that makes Arrivals unique in this is that we are also happy to support you in having a water birth, should this be your preference and be clinically appropriate.

Water birth at Mater Mothers Hospital is an option for women who have had a low risk pregnancy and go into spontaneous labour between 37 and 42 weeks. We value the opportunity to discuss this with you birth in water if this is something that interests you.

All birthing suites at the Mater have options for the use of warm water in labour. Double headed showers permit targeted heat for pain relief. Alternatively immersion may occur in regular baths, which are fantastic for pain relief and relaxation during labour, but they aren’t ideal for delivering your baby in. The addition of birthing pools, designed for labour as well as birth, occurred at the Mater in 2015 as part of the Water Birth Study. This study aims to evaluate women who would like water birth as an option for their labour and birth, and compares them to women giving birth out of water, in a more traditional setting, from the point of view of safety and satisfaction. Water birth is only permitted at the Mater for women enrolled in the study. Arrivals are happy for our patients to partake in this study, and we will support you and help you navigate the study.

While water birth may not be a choice for all women, some of the benefits of water birth include increased levels of comfort and relaxation, better ability to change positions and move due to a sense of weightlessness, more controlled pushing and stretching during birth, and a gentle adjustment from the womb to the outside world for the baby. For more information about water birth visit www.waterbirth.org or chat to one of the doctors.

Arrivals are currently the only private obstetricians offering water birth as an option for their patients at the Mater Mothers Hospital.



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