Dr Vincent Loh

MBBS (UQ 1995), FRANZCOG (2006)

As one of the founding members of Arrivals, Dr Vincent Loh helped to build the group practice from the ground up. Having now worked for seven years as a specialist obstetrician – with over 18 years’ experience in obstetrics – he counts forming Arrivals as one of his career highlights.

What do you remember about delivering your first baby? When was this?

The first time I delivered a baby was as a medical student in 1994. I remember the woman did a great job giving birth with no pain relief, and it was a very moving experience. In contrast, the first time I delivered a baby without supervision was when I was a relieving doctor in a country town. That was an anxious time for me, thinking about what I should do if things were to go wrong. Luckily for the woman and me, it all went smoothly!

How many babies have you delivered to date?

Well over 3000 babies.

Why did you become a doctor?

Like most other doctors, I became a doctor to be able to help people. It is incredibly rewarding when we see the difference that we can make to peoples’ lives, and the trust that is placed upon us. Medicine is also an interesting field as there is always something new to learn.

Why did you choose obstetrics as your specialty?

There are very few more amazing moments in life than witnessing a baby being born into this world. It really is a privilege, as an obstetrician, to be able to assist in the process of childbirth. As a specialty, it contains the right mix of clinical medicine and surgical procedures, so the days are never boring.

What about your work gives you the greatest satisfaction?

To be able to help women who are facing difficulties with their pregnancies, and then to witness them subsequently go on to have healthy babies.

Is there a specialty area within obstetrics that you offer?

Other than general obstetrics, I also manage high-risk pregnancies. Some examples of high-risk pregnancies or conditions I manage are: preeclampsia, diabetes and other medical conditions, history of previous pre-term birth, and multiple pregnancy.

How would you describe your approach to patients?

I provide personalised care, as every woman’s need during her pregnancy is different. My approach to my patients is to work with them to give them an enjoyable and safe experience.

What’s the best advice you can give one of your patients?

Keep calm, as no matter what the situation is, help is always at hand.

What do you hope your patients remember about you, long after the pregnancy and birth?

Perhaps not so much about myself, I would hope they remember their pregnancy as being a pleasant and happy journey.

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy doing the most?

Pottering around the house and spending time with my wife and our two young children.

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