Facing Property Related Troubles? Consult FourLion Legal Today!

If you are stuck in any legal matters or more specifically property-related legal matters, then you are in luck because FourLion Legal can provide you with the best help with all types of legal matters.  


FourLion Legal is a legal firm situated in Perth, Australia. The firm was founded in 2013 and is based in Perth and Fremantle. Since 2013, they have been working to provide the people of Perth Metropolitan areas and surrounding suburbs with help in all sorts of legal matters.  

They have a strong and well-knit team of experienced and cooperative lawyers, support staff and paralegals. FourLion Legal has been able to be in operations for almost 10 years because of the dedication that their team has in providing legal help and assistance for the benefit of the community and its people.  

It is believed that a firm is remembered by its goodwill and that is reflected in the work of FourLion Legal as they also partake in pro bono work (working for people of low income without charge) via a specific Law program within Australia.  

No matter if you are looking for a conveyancer (Perth) or property settlement agents in Perth or criminal lawyers, FourLion Legal will be of help. Below is a list of FourLion Legal’s core practice areas: 

  • They care for the environment so: Animal Welfare  
  • Commercial and Civil Litigation related work 
  • Everything related to Family Law  
  • Immigration process including Visa issuance or cancellations etc.  
  • Criminal law including Traffic offences 
  • Inheritance disputes (separate category from Family Law) 
  • Employment Law  

And that is not all. On FourLion Legal’s website, you can easily find a detailed list of their areas of practice.  

And for all those concerned for the credibility of FourLion Legal’s lawyers, they are proudly affiliated with a list of reputable law councils, courts, and societies within Australia such as the  Law Society of Western Australia, the Piddington Society, the Legal Aid Panel – Civil, Criminal Lawyers Association WA and many more. All these are professional and legit affiliations and associations.   

It is also important to note that FourLion Legal’s lawyers are authorized to appear in both State and Federal courts. The State Courts that they can appear in include the Supreme Court of Western Australia and the Federal Courts include the High Court of Australia which reflects the credibility of the team at FourLion Legal in any case from a conveyancer (Perth) to property settlement agents.  

Now all that aside, let us talk about property and property-related issues that FourLion Legal can provide help with. The most notable lawyers needed in terms of property issues is a conveyancer in Perth and property settlement agents.  


A conveyancer is someone who essentially prepares all needed documents for real estate transactions from buying to selling. So those who are new to buying or selling a property might need the help of a conveyancer (Perth) which is available at FourLion Legal. But property transactions are not all that a conveyancer (Perth) at FourLion Legal does. They also: 

  • Certify legal documents 
  • Help to adjust taxes and other rates 
  • Help in mortgage discharge.  
  • Advice on how to manage and protect investments  

And much more. In addition to all the above, the responsibilities of a conveyancer (Perth) also entail looking for related matters that might affect a property or anything related to illegal construction or government decrees etc.  

Their conveyancers (Perth) are equipped to help your process of work become easier by simplifying the process and handling the difficult work themselves. The experience of the conveyancers (Perth) allows them to keep note of tricky cases and navigate through the legal jargon easily. They are determined to help their customers in any way they can.  


Property settlement agents can include real estate attorneys or company representative people responsible for settling property closing etc. there is a lot of work that comes up with property settlements and without knowing, any extra interference can ruin the flow of work which is why property settlement agents are needed. Property settlement agents help ease the process of property buying and selling by: 

  • Giving detailed information on the benefits or disadvantages of buying and selling property 
  • Explaining tax effects 
  • Helping with additional paperwork for properties  
  • Detailing out Council and construction restrictions 
  • And much more.  

All in all, FourLion Legal can be the all-in-one place where you can find all your legal matters getting solved with ease.  

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