Different methods for couch cleaning

No matter how much we take care of our upholstery items like couches, sofas or even clothed chairs; they get stained or infected one way or another. The most common cause of upholstery items getting dirty is due to the excess growth of bacteria. This growth takes place due to the spilling of food, drinks or other such edibles on the sofa/couches that contaminates the place. It is because of this contamination that we can see the discoloration of the specific parts of the sofa. In addition to that; the continuous accumulation of dust particles also fades away the color of the couch or even carpets. Even though regular dusting and vacuum cleaning can wipe off the dust particles from the upper most layer of the upholstery item but to extract the deeply rooted bacteria; we need to opt for the professional help. This professional helps include couch cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, hot water extraction, tile sand grout cleaning, etc. In this article; we will be discussing about the different methods that are used for couch cleaning in Adelaide

Different methods used for the purpose of couch cleaning:  

Couch is just like any other upholstery item that is covered with the cloth or fabric throughout. Such furniture items often get dirty or faded due to the growth of bacteria in it. These deeply embedded bacteria can only be eliminated with the use of disinfectants and with the help of the professional cleaners. Different methods and ways have been introduced to clean every type of upholstery item; be it the couch or sofa.  These methods include steam cleaning, hot water extraction, tiles and grout cleaning and so on.  

  • Steam carpet cleaning (steam cleaning): 

Steam cleaning is the process of deep cleaning carpets, cars or upholstery items. In this method; water is boiled to such an extent that it is converted into hot water vapour forms. These vapours are then sprayed through the nozzle with high pressure that it deep cleanses the dirt particles. In addition to that; the inculcation of chemicals in the steam cleaning machine disinfects the carpet or any upholstery item on which the disinfectant is being sprayed through the nozzle. This process of cleansing kills bacteria up to ninety nine percent and eliminates the deeply rooted dust particles. It gives the new look to the carpet and leave beautiful aroma behind.     

Steps involved in the process of steam cleaning: 

The process of steam cleaning is carried out in six to seven steps; beginning with the inspection of the place so to spot the stains. Then the spot cleaner is applied followed by the application of traffic solution to the areas with stains. After that; the all purpose solution is sprayed through the item or carpet. Finally; the process of agitation and steam cleaning is carried out. 

  • Hot water extraction: 

Hot water extraction is another method of deep cleaning the upholstery items. In this process; water is heated to some extent but not enough to convert it into vapour forms. This water is then sprayed with full pressure on the object or the item that needs to be cleaned. Obviously; this process needs more time to dry as compared to steam cleaning but it is cleanses even better than the former process.  

  • Tile and grout cleaning: 

Tile and grout cleaning is another process of deep cleaning but it is the cleaning of tiles and floors. In this process; such chemicals are used that they wipe off the stubborn stains. In addition to that; the cleaners use brushes with heavy bristles that helps in eliminating the dirt particles from every hook and corner of the place. It is recommended to get your place thoroughly cleansed with this process so to avoid the invasion of any bacteria and for the safety of your children.  


Our upholstery items as well as carpets often get contaminated with bacterial growth and the accumulation of dust particles. This calls for the professionals to thoroughly clean the items or the carpet. There are different methods that are used for the thorough cleansing. These methods might vary from hot water extraction to tile and grout cleaning. One such method is known as steam cleaning. “All bright carpet cleaning” offers the best services of couch cleaning as well as steam carpet cleaning in Adelaide.  

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